7 Annoying Things You See at the Local Gym

If you’re an avid gym member such as myself, you’ve probably witnessed your fair share of shenanigans. You know what I’m talking about. Grunters, the “too” heavy of lifters, to the random Joe in the corner starring at everyone.Β  Let’s face it, anytime you see someone notorious for a certain act performed, all you can think about is what’s going to happen today?

Grunters, Yellers, Moaners

Yes, these guys are known in pretty much any gym you step foot in. Granted I’ve let out a few grunts myself, I wasn’t doing so for every rep of every exercise for the entire workout. If I did, it was usually on that last set when I was completely drained. Now I have nothing against those who do such voicesterous things, as long as they’re safe and get the weight moved safely is all that really matters to a bystander such as myself.

“HEY! I’m using that!”

That one sentence annoys me more than anything else sometimes. You see an open machine or bench with no dumbbells, no straps, nothing that could signal anyone occupying it. You walk up to it, throw your bottle, straps, etc, on it when that voice comes out of no where. More than likely on the other side of the floor, telling you that they were using thus said piece of equipment. What adds more salt to the wound is s/he is texting, looking at themselves in the mirror, or talking to someone.

Sometimes you don’t even hear the voice until you’ve selected the weight you want to use. Sometimes it’s after your first set. Regardless, if you’re using a machine and decide to walk away for a few minutes, don’t be surprised to come back finding someone else occupying an empty bench or machine. Not to mention complain how you were on thus said machine several minutes ago.

How many more sets you got?!

This is “HEY! I’m using that’s” younger brother. While between sets, or even in mid set, there’s always that one (or more considering people travel in packs) that abruptly walks up and asks that broken record question of, “How many more sets you got?”

Now depending on the situation, this can be taken a variety of different ways. Some people (the courteous kind), will get a quick answer and find a machine similar to that and begin using it. In other cases, the person asking lingers like a mosquito around you until you’re done. I’ve witnessed both types, and I must say, when presented with the second case, a much more awkward feeling fell about me.

The Creeper

We all know one. It could be a good or a bad one. Either way, there’s always that one who is making it painfully obvious that they’re staring at you. It could be from a mirror, from the machine behind you, or from across the room.

I don’t know why, but my focus fades when I know someone is glancing over at you more than once or twice. There have been times when I would have liked to say something, but figured an even more awkward conversation would follow.

I’m at the gym lol what are you doing?

People texting while exercising confuses me. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done it before, but it was only work or military related. Not to mention when I did it I ventured away from the equipment so I wasn’t in anyone’s way. But those who are attached to your phone for reasons other than music confuses me.

Is it so hard to leave it in your car or even gym bag? I understand that people have lives but when you walk around with your eyes glued to your phone while weaving between others working, it’s quite disrespectful. If you’re going to respond to whoever just sent you something, move away from people. This way you won’t be in the way or accidentally get smacked in the face if someone’s doing lateral dumbbell raises.

“Leave your Ego at the Door”

The sight of people using too much weight is somewhat gut-wrenching. I see it all the time, too. Someone who looks as though they can fall and fracture something trying to move double their body weight. Not only that, but with horrible form, not breathing through the set (if you even want to call it one), and not being able to control the weight.

This goes back to the words of bodybuilding legend Frank Zane. “Leave your ego at the door.” If more people would adhere to this the accident rate would plummet. OK maybe not plummet but it would sure as heck decline.

In today’s world, people are so caught up in looking how the media portrays healthy people (i.e. muscular, shredded, toned, etc). But many people who start out don’t realize that you can’t just throw heavy weight up and expect to grow a shirt size over night. This is something that takes time.

Not So Breezy

You’re supposed to work up a decent sweat while your working out. However, if you’re using a machine that involves you sitting down, putting your back against it, or laying down on, chances are your natural coolant will reside after you leave. While seeing it may give you the satisfaction of working hard, it’s also disgusting on numerous levels to others.

Most gyms provide towels for instances such as this. If you’re not sure, and I think I speak for dozens of people here, ASK! It goes against sanitation and health risks not to keep a clean club for clients. Therefore, gym owners and employees must provide towels when asked. Heck, some places even have a designated spot to go grab them at client’s leisure.

Please be advised that I’m not complaining, griping, etc. I’ve been weight training since 1997, a gym member since 2003, and have seen these instances the most. I’m sure some people were reading this and nodding in agreement, too.

That being said, stay healthy, be safe, and keep your head up.


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