Recovery: Tips while Injured

Injuries occur on a daily basis with a lot of people. Let’s face it, in today’s world, it’s possible for you to break a bone from stepping outside of your bedroom. It’s been this way forever. Sometimes it’s our own fault. Other times we put the blame on someone else. While it may just be something as simple as a twisted ankle or a bruised muscle, caution and patience are two good things to have.

What I’m trying to get across here is that severity varies with injuries. There are those that can leave you immobile or patched up for awhile. While some (such as myself) are not those who can just sit still and be inside, patience is your worst enemy. This is why I have derived several methods of keeping yourself active with a high morale.

Make a list of things you want to accomplish when you’re healed. This is, of course, if you were immobile for days to weeks. Whatever the goal is, jot it down. This way you have something to look forward to work towards once you’re back up to speed.

Doing this will also keep your mind busy while it has down time. Keeping a positive mindset is very important.

A breath of Fresh Air. Walking or even sitting outside can boost morale. This goes especially for those who can’t stand to go into “hermit” mode for more than a few hours.

Walk around your house or apartment complex. Grab a book, your laptop, or your favorite magazine and prop your feet up (if you can) and enjoy nature. Add a dish of your favorite food, too. Which brings me to my next point.

Fluctuate your diet as needed. Keep in mind that if you’re not going to be your usual active self, you may need to consume less nutrients (calories, carbs, fats). With that being said, keep in mind to increase some of the foods that will speed up the healing process. For example, if you’re recovering from a broken bone, add some more dairy products to get some extra calcium.

Break a sweat with simple exercises. This is if you’re physically able to perform them. Usually when the OK from the doctor is within sight, people (myself) grow more impatient. Do something light yet enough to get a good blood flow.

Stroll through downtown, into the woods, or to the local restaurant. Do some push ups waiting for your dinner to be done. Perform a few crunches while laying in bed before your go to sleep or after you wake up. Small things like this will do a world of difference.

Keep a Clean house and self. Cleaning is one thing that many people do either out of boredom, obsession with being neat, or because once you get to a point, you know you need to.

Doing simple household work will accomplish more than you think. While keeping your living space clean, healthy, and presentable, you also move around an awful lot doing it.. That and there’s the satisfaction some people get after doing something productive. Whether you get joy out of it or it hands down just needs to get done, do it. This is one thing that no one will ever complain about you doing too much of.

High quality H20. Yes, I say this sentence more than any other but keep a steady intake of this stuff. Keep in mind that 90 percent of the water in your body comes from diet. Granted you don’t want to drink too much, but 8 oz every hour will do fine.

Don’t let any type of injury hold you back. You may be away from certain activities for lack of mobility, but keep in mind that you can adapt in situations. Always remember, things could always be worse.

As always, keep your head up and be safe!


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