6 Ways To Get In Shape At Home Part II: Physical Limitations and Fixing Them

As I mentioned in Part 1, there are several reasons why people opt to stay at home to exercise. As I also mentioned, there are also several ways to use your body weight and manipulation of muscle contractions to get a good blood flow, too. But what if you have limitations to performing some of the staple exercises? Such cases could be, but not limited to, bad joints, back problems, and other bodily restrictions. With a list that could certainly go on, there are ways to get around problems such as this.

Over the Counter Help

If you have joint pain, one thing I would highly recommend is to increase your intake of Omega 3 (linolenic acid) and omega 6 (linoleic acid) fatty acids. These two fatty acids are essential to your body and have tremendous health benefits on top of that.

Omega 3 fatty acids are found in polyunsaturated fats. Food items containing linolenic acid are walnuts, canola oil, soybean oil, and flax seed.
These two essential fatty acids aid in joint health, heart health, cardiovascular function, immune function and even eye health. If and only if by some form of inability that you cannot take in enough of these two fatty acids via diet, I would recommend an over the counter fish oil supplement. Make sure you read the entire label before purchasing. If you meet the warnings on the label, be sure the container mentions both types of fatty acids.Omega 6 fatty acids are found in leafy vegetables (the darker the better), vegetable oils, and consequently vegetable seeds.

What about my back pain?
The older you get or the more work you do, the more prone your back is to injury. Jobs that require you to pick things up and move heavy objects are pretty common in today’s world. At the same time, jobs that require you to sit a lot have negative consequences, too. Sitting with bad posture can take a toll on your body if done for weeks to months at a time.

If you’ve fallen victim to lower back pain from your job, constant moving, or just bad posture, there are ways to strengthen your lower back in the privacy of your own home.

Supermans are a good and safe way to strengthen your back. Like the name depicts, lay face down  on either the floor or your bed (the bed creates more instability). Then flex your lower back by simultaneously lifting your feet and hands up. Hold that position for a few seconds by flexing your back then slowly lower back down. You may struggle with this at first but over time your body will strengthen. Aim to increase the amount of time you hold it at the peak for several seconds.

*You can vary the performance by lifting one leg and arm at a time. For this, all you need to do is alternate your hands and feet.

Stretching is another thing you can do. Again, lay face down and put your hands in by your sides. In this position (push up position), simply push your torso up without moving your legs. Depending on your flexibility, you may only be able to lift yourself up a few inches or so. Again, work on it and your body will adapt.you raise your left arm, lift your right leg in correspondence. Doing this will stimulate your lower back at different angles. Consequently, more muscle fibers will be activated.

Doing these two simple rules will help build strength and thickness to your lower back. Try performing these twice a day. Aim for when you wake up and right before you go to bed.

So What about other problems?

Other problems people have range from person to person. Going back to the age old saying that everyone is different still holds true.

Bad Knees

For people with knee problems (such as myself), there are certain precautions to take in order to prevent any more injury.

Going light and slowly increasing the weight for leg movements will help judge how much weight you can withstand. This can be difficult for those who are very active day in and day out. If doing heavy lifting, make sure to never attempt to lift anything too heavy that your body cannot withstand. Doing so could hurt you even more and could potentially put your out of work.

For those who run a lot, run a mile or two and see how your knee(s) feel. Don’t try to “run through the pain.” If any pain begins at all, slow down slightly until it subsides then pick up the pace again.

If needed, go to the nearest store and make your way to the sporting goods. There you will find knee wraps. While they won’t fix your knee, they hug your leg to divert as much pressure as possible into your thigh and shin. That and they tend to help “spring” your leg while running.

There are many other ways to fix certain physical limitations by strengthening your weak spots at home. This just scratching the surface. Always remember there is a difference between soreness and pain. If you experience any pain at all, sharp or prolonged, stop doing whatever you were doing.

Above all else, drink water, keep your head up, and be safe.


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