Setting new goals for yourself are a good way excel in life. Whether it’s something as simple and short term as making a weekly to-do list or a long term goal like aiming to lose 20 pounds in two months, goals are almost always in your acute and chronic future. The fact of whether you fail isn’t necessarily an indicator how that person really is, though. It’s more of how the person acts if they fail that tells others how that person is.


There are many people who rely on making up excuses to try and balance out their failures instead of taking responsibility for their actions. What’s sad is once you start, it may take an Earth shattering event to get that person to see straight and “man up” to take responsibility. One thing is certain though, if you have friends willing to stick by you while you’re primary job is making excuses, you’re truly blessed with who surrounds you.

Point: Take the responsibility for yourself.

Shake it Off

There are people who, when faced with a failed attempt, they don’t let it eat them alive. Sure it may have been important, but thinking that there will be equal (and possibly better) opportunities in the future for the same thing is what keeps people focused. It’s this type of mentality that will get you far in life.

Point: Don’t dwell on failed attempts, shake it off, and stay focused on what you’re working towards.

Tears will get you Sympathy, Sweat will get you Results Tears will get you sympathy

This is one of the most important pieces of advice I was ever given. Given to me in my early teens, this “motto” if you will has stuck with me into my early adulthood. I’ve acted on it ever since, too.

In regards to my education, the military, my job, and recreational activities, I have always remembered this and put forth a damn good effort in everything that I commit to. Granted there have been “hiccups” along the way, but I think it’s safe to say I’ve worked my ass off in order to redeem those hiccups.

Point: Work your ass off and keep your head held high while your do it

Let’s face it, at one point in time, we’re always going to fail at doing something. It may be minor or of great importance, but in the end your actions will reflect to those around you. Keep your head up, work hard, and believe in yourself.



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