New Fitness Experience

Extreme-Stater-LogoI always say that challenging yourself is crucial for independent growth. Whether it’s meeting a new Personal Record for an exercise, adding 5 minutes on the stair master, or attaining a higher GPA than last semester, pushing yourself out of your  comfort zone has superb benefits. This was the case for me a few weeks ago.

I’ll be the first to tell anyone, I don’t like running. And while I may not be the best at it, I still strive to improve over time. This being said, I decided to partake in a new life experience to help improve this least-favored activity: An endurance race.

My college held a 4 mile endurance race with 9 obstacles scattered throughout the course. There were 10 teams total with 4 participants per team. The challenges were not only physically demanding, but many involved strategy, teamwork, and coordination. Plus you had to enter and leave the challenge sprinting because of the competitive nature and short distance.

My team, Team Pick-Up (as my captain named us at the last minute), came in 2nd place overall. We missed winning by roughly 9 minutes. While I was happy to accomplish this as a team in my first endurance race, I was more jubilant at the fact that I was able to accomplish this myself. Looking back at my prior beliefs of never participating in a foot race and then performing in general surprises me. Not to mention placing within the top 3 easily exceeds my expectations.

Overall, I’m reluctant I pushed out of my previous shell and started to see what else is out there. Sometimes wiggling out of that shell is difficult to do. Whether you’re hesitant from fear of the unknown, intimidation, or skepticism, that first step could be all it takes to get a new life outlook. Who knows, the consequences could project you in a direction full of positive possibilities down the road.

A great team.

A great team.


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