About the Author


I’m a 23 year old Kinesiology major at Penn State by the name of Travis Ritter. I’m in pursuit of my Bachelors degree and looking to go onto school to become a physical therapist assistant. I look to further myself in the future with potential business education and marketing.

I currently work as a Physical Therapist Technician and I’m enjoying every second of it. To me, it’s very rewarding to know I was able to help someone recover from their ailment as well as be a positive influence on them as they were recovering.

I’ve been researching and studying the mechanics and physiology of the human body for years now. I love learning about it and am expanding my knowledge on it day by day.

Fitness Timeline is a cut and dry informative place where I put information on the table pertaining to health and fitness. However, everything I write about doesn’t include being at a gym five days a week, counting calories, or catching the latest supplement on the shelves. There are other ways to live a healthy lifestyle. All people need to do is expand their horizons and value the small things in life that make themselves happy. It’s a fact that living healthy has a psychological and philosophical stand point and is over looked by most. Once understood, things become easier to achieve.

I encourage people to take a step in the right direction. The person taking the step needs to want to do it for themselves, not for anyone else. If you do it for yourself, you’ll know the true meaning of self accomplishment, fitness or otherwise.


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